The feeling may be illusive, and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. You might think you “should” feel good because from the “outside” all appears fabulous.


You know exactly what it is. You’re in the wrong job or the wrong relationship or the wrong circle, but you’re afraid to make any big changes as you may “rock the boat”.

Trying to figure out what it is or what steps to take is just plain exhausting.

And the years are passing.

You’re getting older & feeling that sense of urgency. You want to make sure what you are doing in life matters!

You want to connect to a bigger what and why. The way you are living now just no longer gives you the same juice.

You just can’t shake the restlessness, the yearning and the fear of regret!

If you can relate … you are receiving a 911 from your Soul,




You’re bright and accomplished. You’ve pursued a myriad of resources and paths to achieve your aspirations. If you are like most people, you’ve been conditioned to seek outside to feel fulfilled inside. This external focus has offered you value, perhaps even great value, until now.

Without even realizing it, you are experiencing a Soul Crisis and you are not alone!


The majority of successful people I’ve worked with over the past 25 years – executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals from all walks of life have found themselves in a Soul Crisis at some point in time.


You may not always recognize that you’re in a Soul Crisis as it can be subtle, and easy to ignore. On the other hand, it could be screaming loudly, but you’ve attributed what you’re going through to something or someone else.


A soul crisis will emerge when something in your life is out of alignment with a deeper knowing. It’s your Soul speaking through the unrest saying: “Hey, this set up is no longer serving you or anyone else. I’m offering you a wake-up call, a Soul Crisis, as an invitation to enliven a greater possibility for your life.”





I’m Jeanine and from the outside, my life looked pretty amazing.  I was blessed with two extraordinary children I adored, was a successful fortune 50 executive with a company and team I loved, traveled extensively, and had financial means to do some pretty cool things. Lots of goodness.

But…increasingly… what brought me so much joy, opportunity and outward success for years – my executive gig – was leaving me feeling empty and drained. I knew there had to be something more to life.

My Soul Crisis was subtle at first. I experienced times of feeling unsettled and unfulfilled, and other times when I loved my life.

Being skilled at problem solving, I went into action: I pursued courses, read like crazy, sought guidance from experts and friends, and tried repeatedly to convince myself all was well, or at least good enough.

Despite all that effort, my yearning for something more intensified and I could no longer avoid the dissonance within. My Soul Crisis was screaming. I knew my life had to change. I no longer wanted to run constantly from one thing to the next, be on a plane 250k miles a year, have persistent feelings of guilt over not spending enough time with my kids, and still feel unfulfilled.

I felt lost. All conventional advice said: “stay put”, its smarter and safer, enjoy your life as is. But that was no longer working.

I knew I could no longer continue living the same way. So, I took a big leap. I left my executive role and went on a one year hiatus to discover what this “something more” was. I was determined to find out how to feel fulfilled, and reconnect with important parts of my life that received little attention for years.

When I began tuning in to my Soul’s truth, my life took a miraculous turn and everything changed.

I developed The Soul Crisis Solution® – a system of seven synergistic principles.

This system incorporates my evidenced based psychotherapy practices, real world Fortune 50 executive experience, energetic, along with spiritual practices that empowered me to resolve my Soul Crisis.

Now I live with vitality, meaning and fulfillment. I wake up feeling inspired and on–fire. My days are purposeful. Honestly… it’s fun and joyful!

The best news for you is that you don’t have to take a year off to resolve your soul crisis or to create a quantum leap in your life. I’ve done the research for you.

While the details of your crisis are unique, the principles of resolving a soul crisis are universal. You are here right now reading this because something inside of you knows a greater possibility for your life exists. And…what I know for sure is you are meant to live a “hell yes, yay for me” life!




You can find all you need: the life that matters, the living-on-purpose, that warm feeling of fulfillment swooping into where emptiness once lived. 

You’ll be on board with a “Hell Yes Life!”

You’ll be able to wake up in the morning excited about your day and eager to get out in the world.

You remember that feeling when you were having so much fun that time seemed to fly by. YES… you’re gonna feel that again. The fear of regret time is passing you by will no longer be a stressor.

Life’s unfolding becomes far more purposeful. You will see life as something in service to you. Things will seem to fall into place better as there is more of an effortless ease.

You’ll find joy in life’s gifts.

Your curiosity becomes ignited again!

Every day life will give you that ‘special occasion’ feel


Opening up to greater possibilities in your life so that you can live the life you are meant to live

> Living from your Soul so that you are as adept at your inner world as you’ve been in the outer world

Feeling a greater love and appreciation of yourself so that you show up in your full brilliance

> Eliminating the same old patterns so that you don’t keep getting stuck

Investing in Soul guided choices so that you fuel feeling fulfilled and knowing you make a difference

> Aligning with your Soul’s truth so that you flow with more ease and harmony with life’s unfolding

> Connecting with your passion and purpose so that your life is filled with what truly is meaningful to you


 – We begin Thursday, March 1st, 2018 –


Each week there will be 7 Live Content Calls. Thursdays 3.1.18/4.12.18 at 7pm CST.


Modules included: Soul, Mind, Heart, Body, Yes, Service & Gratitude.  (Calls are 60-75 minutes).


You also get:


  • 1 Live call – Release & Celebration Thursday 4.19.18  (45 min.)  7pm CST.
  • 7 Live Group Coaching Calls – Tuesdays 3.6.18/4.17.18  7pm CST.
  • 2 Live Bonus calls for continued support post formal course. May 3rd and 17th.
  • Access to the private Facebook community The Soul Crisis Solution for additional support and connecting with like-minded individuals.
  • Replays of all calls.


Module One: 


I align my life with the unique truth of my SOUL.

If you’re in a Soul Crisis, congratulations! This is your Soul’s way of getting your attention. When you feel that something in your life is “off,” it’s the sign that your Soul’s deeper truth is whispering or perhaps even screaming that there are greater possibilities for your life.  

Your Soul is that eternal part of you–your deepest, wisest, most loving essence that is full of knowledge and wisdom. Your Soul knows why you’re here, what lessons you need to learn, and which parts of your personality are seeking to be healed. Your Soul’s truth is your unique blueprint for passion, purpose, and meaning.

In this week’s module, you’ll be guided through powerful practices that will enable you to begin viewing your life experiences through the lens of your Soul. You’ll see what’s helping you in your life and what’s getting in your way of living your Soul’s unique truth.

  • Learn to distinguish the voice of your Soul from the voice of your ego, fear, or other people’s opinions
  • Create a map of your Soul Crisis and discover what it looks like from a physical view and a Soul view
  • Begin the practice of getting curious with your Soul

Module Two: 


I use my MIND in service of my Soul

While your mind has great value and can serve you in many ways, when you’re in the midst a Soul Crisis, your answers can NOT be found in your mind

To live your greatest life, you must use your mind in service of your Soul’s truth. However, most people are plagued by constant mind chatter that prevents them from connecting with their deepest internal wisdom.

During this week’s module, you’ll learn how to turn down the volume of noise in your mind, so that you can clearly hear and follow the wise messages of your Soul.

  • Learn breakthrough strategies to turn off annoying mind chatter
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in repeating unhealthy patterns
  • Develop new neural pathways that align with your Soul’s truth and expand how you use your mind

Module Three: 



I activate my HEART to illuminate the way.

Your heart is the voice of your Soul. Your heart can best guide you through your Soul Crisis and infuse your life with passion, meaning, and purpose.

This module is about how creating or strengthening the most expansive, reliable, source of truth for you – your heart’s intelligence – can lead you to the greatest possibilities of your life.

In addition to your own heart’s intelligence, you are guided and supported by spiritual allies both visible and invisible. Each day you are offered guidance and messages through a myriad of venues designed to support you in living your best life.

You’ll learn how to activate and partner with the power of your heart’s intelligence, and to connect beyond with non-physical guidance that is designed to support you.

  • Tap into the inner sanctuary of your heart to access wisdom and inspiration beyond your five senses
  • Strengthen your connection to inner guidance and higher powers greater than you
  • Learn how to move beyond the road blocks to trusting your inner wisdom

Module Four: 


I listen to and honor my BODY as the temple of my Soul.

When you treat your body with respect, care and honor, it will become a great ally. It is the gateway to the vast knowledge, wisdom and love of your Soul. Your body is a valuable resource and your vehicle to creating the most fully alive, inspired and purpose-filled life.

Your body always tells the truth. This truth is multi-layered: truth of how your body feels day to day, truth of emotions bubbling up seeking healing, and your Soul’s truth that can only be accessed in deliberate partnership with your body

Our culture doesn’t train or support us to listen carefully to and honor our bodies. We spend an enormous amount of time in our heads. When you couple that with the juggling of daily demands, you have a perfect recipe for ignoring, or setting aside what your body is trying to tell you.

During this module, you’ll learn how to create a new relationship with your body; one in which you become more fully embodied. When you live fully in your body and attend to your unique messages, you are better able to align with your Soul’s truth and to live your most inspired life.

  • Discover the unconscious ways you inadvertently work against your body and how to quickly shift to working with and respecting your body
  • Learn two simple strategies to live fully in your body
  • Decode your body’s messages and unique cues

Module Five: 


I say YES to reclaiming love and joy.

At the center of a Soul Crisis is the yearning to feel more passion, purpose and meaning in life. To say YES to what will bring the deepest fulfillment.

Because our society is very focused externally on the outer signs of power and success, it’s easy to disconnect from what truly makes your Soul sing.

When you reconnect with what brings you love and joy and take back your authentic power, you’ll shine as the best version of yourself. That will have a ripple effect as all of your relationships benefit.

  • Define your passion, meaning, and purpose
  • Learn how to set Soul Centered Boundaries to increase your joy and love
  • Deepen your ability to connect with life and other people in ways that are practical and meet daily demands, while staying true to your unique Soul’s truth

Module Six: 


I am in SERVICE to life and life is in service to me

One of the greatest gifts of aligning with your Soul’s truth is the awareness that life is not just happenstance but that there is a greater order and natural intelligence to you experiences. Everything led up to this moment, and in the present, you have an opportunity to understand what your Soul lessons are. You’ll learn how to become your own detective in following clues to recurring patterns, to discovering what is seeking to be healed and to understand how life is in service to you.

You’ll also recognize all the ways you serve in your daily life. From this vantage point, you can identify how to serve intentionally, and share your gifts in ways that are a great contribution to those around you and to the world.

In this module you’ll be guided to:

  • Learn how to identify your own Soul lessons and how they are in service to you
  • Connect with how you can intentionally serve every day
  • Determine your game plan to amp up serving in ways that matter most to you

Module Seven: 


I live in GRATITUDE for all that was, is and will be. 

This module you’ll learn how to experience gratitude as a daily way of living, “Grateful Living” -a phrase coined by Brother David Steindl-Rast – is a practice of being grateful at all times no matter what happens.

As you will discover in the course, life’s unfolding is far more intentional than what most of us have been taught.  You’ll learn how seemingly disparate life events have woven together to create your current life experiences.  And this offers you an easier and more grace-filled way to move through challenging and painful life events with greater trust and purpose.

A key practice for grateful living is forgiveness. Your ability to feel fully free is ignited when you release the chains of resentment and regret by developing the skill of forgiving yourself, others and even the world.

When you crack the code on grateful living and daily forgiveness, you’ll be amazed at how life flows with more ease and joy.

  • Deepen the practice of grateful living
  • Engage in two forgiveness practices that free you to realize all you desire
  • Learn to flow with greater trust and joy

Module Eight: 


In this final module, you’ll be guided through a Release and Celebration Ceremony. This is a powerful ritual of identifying, honoring and releasing old stories, behaviors, and relationships that no longer serve you. Then you’ll engage in an equally powerful ritual to invite in and bring forward what is most fulfilling and joyful to you.

You deserve to acknowledge and celebrate you! You are here and you’ve committed to aligning with the deepest, wisest, most loving part of you – your Soul’s truth.  This is the surest way to fast track a life filled with passion, purpose and meaning.  Congratulations –Well done!


Interview with Marci Shimoff: Happiness and Aligning With Your Soul.  New York Times bestselling author, transformational leader and expert on happiness, success and unconditional love.

Relaxation Meditation by Kim Forcina. Kaleidoscope Spirit. Coaching for Dreamers & Creatives.

Soul Heart Merge music by Emmy Award winning composer & musician Jim Oliver

***20 minute Laser Coaching with Jeanine. {First 20 individuals in each webinar}.


The value for this whole program is $795.00.


Since this is the first time we are launching, you’re getting a 50% DISCOUNT:  $397.00


AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU A $100 FAB-Fast Action Bonus! 

YOU ONLY PAY $297 or 3 PAY OPTION: $111


3 PAY OPTION: $111 x 3



I’m here to help you remember your intrinsic worth, connect to your wisdom within, and live your greatest possibility.

Fusing experience as a former Fortune 50 executive, evidenced-based psychotherapist and energy worker, my approach is fresh, fun, and unlike any other.

As a successful International HR executive, I’ve led diverse teams, delivered key-notes to large audiences, and helped navigate the way toward profitability; while empowering personal and professional growth. An agent of change, I was a key leader in supporting high-profile international acquisitions and divestitures across the globe.

For a decade, I engaged in a thriving evidence-based psychotherapy practice, where I was honored to guide clients as they experienced transformation, peace, happiness and success. A Reiki Master and certified yoga instructor, I have a deep reverence for the power of energy and our body’s innate wisdom.

I’m walking my walk—both barefoot and in stilettos—and share openly about my own journey, soul lessons, triumphs and challenges. I now weave together a life and work practice that combines my passions of fusing science and spirituality, in service and play to unleash capacity for limitless expansion.

I’m super curious and love to learn! Pursuing continued growth and exploring all kinds of information, perspectives and vast practices for growth totally jazzes me.I have been personally mentored by some of the world’s best transformational leaders including Marci Shimoff and am a Certified High Performance Coach by the High Performance Institute.

What makes people come alive and any small part I can play in nurturing the highest and brightest life, is why I can’t wait to meet and learn about YOU!


How do I know if this is for me?
You know there’s more available to you. More passion to unleash, more meaningful experiences you yearn for, more enriching relationships, success, abundance, and peace. The Soul Crisis Solution is a system for aligning with your Soul to truly create the life you crave for. The life you sense is possible. It’s not about fixing you or telling you the answers. You are your best source. People who will love this course are curious and open to diverse practices to explore how to tap into their Soul’s truth, authentic power and wisdom.

What if I don't have time?
I get it. I’ve lived crazy busy schedules. And here’s the deal. What you’ll learn empowers you to invest and manage your time in the highest, most meaningful roles and aspects of your life. If you can’t imagine making the time to attend the course or listen to replays, then chances are you need it even more. I’ve been there – I get that too. I’ve created this informative and instructive course, which contains tangible daily practices to create new habits to manage your time dilemma. Also know if you have a time conflict with live calls, you can listen to the replay and receive the same great benefit!

What if I don't like it?
No worries! You are covered. If for whatever reasons this is not the course for you, or I am not the best match for you; you can request and receive a full refund in the first 30 days from the day the first module begins. The specifics are in the Terms/Policies section. But know…if you don’t like it, you can get a refund. Having shared that, here’s what I’d offer if you choose to sign up. Give it your best shot. Show up, listen to the modules, do the exercises and see…see how it feels, the benefits that are or you sense will come with consistent practices. And if after giving it your best go, it isn’t a fit for you. You receive a full refund.

Do you guarantee results?
Here is the deal! I am always beyond delighted to receive feedback from clients who report significant benefits from our work together. You probably took a spin through the testimonials and read about some of the awesome results or inspired life changes experienced. Having said that, I cannot guarantee any results. You get it, right? I can’t guarantee job promotions, new jobs, improved relationships, enhanced self-love, greater well-being, improved energy or health… Nothing really. Creating desired change and achievement of goals involves numerous factors that are beyond my control, including but not limited to your commitment and consistency with effort, energy, mind-set, and other resources such as money, skills, a strong support system, health, and, I believe, support from the Universe. Ultimately you are responsible for your life and how you respond to circumstances.

Got a Q I didn’t answer? Send an email to


The value for this whole program is $795.00.


Since this is the first time we are launching, you’re getting a 50% DISCOUNT:  $397.00


AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU A $100 FAB-Fast Action Bonus! 

YOU ONLY PAY $297 or 3 PAY OPTION: $111


3 PAY OPTION: $111 x 3


“Fire & Flow changed my life and set me on an amazing path of growth and awareness.” Heather M. Dawe

“Jeanine Thompson is one of my favorite people. In the years I worked with her I found her work highly effective and completely unique. Jeanine works within established frameworks, but produces surprising outcomes. She is interested in and honors who you are, what you desire and hope to accomplish, and then uses that insight to help people unlock and apply their talents. At the end of the day Jeanine helped people produce great outcomes.”

Brad Anderson | Former CEO, Best Buy

“Fire and Flow has helped me reclaim some of my gifts and talents that have not emerged fully in a long time. It is such a gift to me and my family has benefited too from the joy this brings to my life. As a busy mother of three with a rewarding career, it was important for me to have practical tools and exercises that I can briefly choose each day. And I do. I honestly feel as though the hours in the day have been expanded and my daily energy is better and lasts longer.”

SJK | Minneapolis

“The experience of Fire and Flow continues to resonate with me months after completing the course. Jeanine authentically, and skillfully guides you on a journey of personal awareness and growth. The diverse variety of tools and knowledge she provides allow one to seamlessly incorporate a variety of avenues for self-discovery. Jeanine presents with joy, optimism and radiant energy that is contagious and leaves one confident in the process of walking their journey. I especially appreciate continuing to draw on the tools and teachings provided in Fire and Flow within daily life of business, relationships and self growth.”

Emily Hall | Minneapolis

“Self-awareness is the most powerful tool we possess to live a full life. For most of us “our self” is a mystery – vexing our efforts to just be happy. The Fire & Flow process gave me more insight into what is truly delightful for me. But more importantly it helped me understand the mine/mind fields that litter the way to delight. I am now aware of pesky thoughts and habits that have surfaced over the years informing my decisions and state of happiness. This awareness allows me to reshape my thoughts to serve me. The really exciting thing is that the process left me with the ability to evolve that awareness, because things do CHANGE! I did Fire & Flow because of a major transition in my life. It was very stressful – I wanted it to be a “new” chapter with lots of freedom but fear was driving unhealthy future commitments. The transition is now complete – wouldn’t change a thing. The new freedom offers lots of opportunity to use my new Fire & Flow skills.”

Diane | Minneapolis

“Fire and Flow is the best process out there to supercharge your own effectiveness as a leader, manager, parent, spouse, friend and human being. There isn’t a self-help book, executive coach or therapist that can so easily and practically bring so many principles together that are so productive, fast and whole. It’s a very tangible non- threatening way to look yourself in the mirror and see very clear, easy strategies to not only create a life that’s better for you, but one that offers exponential impact to those around you. One of the beauties of the process is Jeanine leads you to your own conclusions—so all that is awakened and realized is authentically yours.”

Jennifer Hovelsrud | Minneapolis

“Jeanine understands the complexities that executives face each day. She is particularly insightful in regard to how different people bring themselves to work—and how that impacts business. We would highly recommend her!”

Angela Craig | Vice President, Global Human Resources St. Jude Medical

“This program changed my life!! I use parts of the exercises daily.” (Fire & Flow)

Lisa Craig | Federal Aviation Administration

“I can’t recommend this one of a kind transformational program enough!” (Fire & Flow)

Lisa Proctor | President, Firefly180 Marketing

“I wanted to Thank You once more for sharing your Fire and Flow program!! As a person who is relatively new to meditation and energy work, I absolutely LOVED the format of this program!! It was laid out simply, your approach is uplifting, and the homePLAY activities were enlightening and FUN! It really helped me more fully understand my current life experience and define my IDEAL life, as well as provided empowerment in knowing that I AM the master of my future!! It gave me several easy and fun, practical ways of integrating more positive actions into my daily life that will facilitate further forward-movement in achieving the life I want to live. Participating in this program was such a gift!!  Truly life-illuminating!”

Michelle B. Longmont | CO

“Jeanine Thompson is an extraordinary leader in the emerging field of business energetics. She is a woman with impeccable business savvy who is able to effortlessly bridge the world of business and the world of energy; leading the way to quantum shifts that will not only refuel your leaders, but ignite productivity, prosperity and the overall health of your business.”

Gina Soleil | Author, Fuel Your Business. How to energize people, ignite action and drive profits, CEO, Gina Soleil™

“Jeanine empowers, engages and connects the dots within people and organizations like no one else. It’s all about energy. When you tap the hearts and minds of an organization you’ll get an extra 20% or more. Jeanine changes your paradigm—shifts your brain map in the best possible way. As executives, it’s usually our job to inspire. Jeanine inspires me. I love working with her. She’s been my partner; and when we work together, it’s shoulder to shoulder.”

Kevin Layden | President & CEO Wesbild

“I came to Jeanine because I was feeling drained, lacked direction and didn’t like what I was doing–even though I loved my job. Jeanine understands the pressures of business and was quickly able to offer tools and guidance that were transformational. From a business perspective, she’s been instrumental. I’ve exceeded my financial goals by 30%—and this has been my best year ever! From a personal side, my life is so much more fun, juicy and exciting. Thanks to Jeanine, I’m a better and happier person and that’s something I want to bring to my clients and staff.”

Heather M. Dawe | RE/MAX Results Executive

“I’d work with Jeanine in a second. She has X-ray vision when it comes to seeing beyond the surface to assess what’s really going on. She’s the whole package. She’s poised, perceptive, fun to be with—and is first and foremost, a solid business professional. She’s able to detect subtle nuances and ask questions that our senior team weren’t necessarily even considering. Her perspective always led to better answers. She’s truly unique, a great counsel and works seamlessly with teams.”

John Noble | CFO, Micro Electronics, Inc.

I am not practicing as a licensed psychotherapist and I am not a doctor. Any strategies, tools, tips and information I share are simply approaches and perspectives I have found valuable and am sharing with others. You are your own best teacher. The path you choose must be your own. And of course, as always, you are responsible for whatever choices you make. You release and will indemnify Jeanine Thompson LLC and its employees, affiliates and agents from any and all claims that you have or may have, arising out of or related to our interaction together, or your use and participation in The Soul Crisis Solution Course® or our other products and services.